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Scientific classification

Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Lepidoptera > Ditrysia > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Striglininae > Telchines

Genus Telchines Turner, 1911

Type species: vialis (Moore 1883c) (Sonagara)

Generic description: Eyes of both sexes with long interfacetal hairs. Antennae pectinate or ciliate. FW with radial veins R2-R5 arising separately from cell. HW with Sc+R1 & Rs approaching closely but not joined. Hind tibiae with two pairs of spurs. A row of spines on each tarsus. The male genitalia have valves simple in outline, not reduced. Two pockets of spines below the apex of the uncus. Gnathos with small teeth. Females have a triple frenulum and a strongly sclerotized and modified ostium (Whalley 1976: 80).

Telchines is a small genus, closely related to Striglina, of four medium sized species, one unnamed, which occur in SE Asia. Generally they resemble Striglina but are very much larger (38-50mm), robust moths (RTS:127). Most are bright reddish or orange-brown with darker reticulation and venation. They have a diagonal line running across the FW and continuing onto the HW and across the abdomen. There is a subsidiary line running between the median area of the costa and the termen of the HW. The shape and exact course of the lines is a good specific indicator. In T. henrici the transverse FW line curves away from the apical angle and in T. vialis it almost reaches the apical angle. In T. lepides Whalley (1976) which is more orangey-buff, the line points straight towards the apical angle. There are also differences in the HW supplementary line. For a key to species based on shapes of the uncus, see Whalley (1976:80).