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Scientific classification

Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Lepidoptera > Ditrysia > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Siculodinae > Rhodoneurini > Symphleps

Genus Symphleps

Type species: atomosalis (Warren 1897: 388) by original designation.

Generic description: Warren’s original generic description based on external morphology of the type does not use particularly distinctive features and the publication of a new definition based on genitalic and other characteristics would be useful.

There are eight Symphleps spp. The three from S.E. Asia are very similar in appearance. Their differences need further examination. They are small, relatively delicate, orange brown moths with few distinctive markings beyond a few small white marks on the FW costa and sometimes a white FW stigma on their finely reticulate patterned wings. Most have narrow white rings on each segment of the lower half of their antennae.