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Scientific classification

Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Lepidoptera > Ditrysia > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Striglininae > Rhodoneurini > Rhodoneura

Genus Rhodoneura  Guenee,  [1858] 1857

Type species:  pudicula by monotypy. Although there is no description in Guenee, [1858] 1857, the illustation is unmistakable. See Guenee as above, p. 1, fig. 8; Guenee, 1877:288; Walker, 1865:523).

Syn. Osca (Walker, 1863: 73) (Junior homonym of Osca Walker, 1850: 10 (Diptera, Tabanidae)).

Syn? Isothauma (Warren, 1899a: 6). As a subgenus of Rhodoneura (Whalley, 1971a: 85, 94). Ms. good genus (Shaffer, 1992 LepIndex).

Syn? Mellea (Gaede, 1922) Ms. syn. n. (Shaffer, 1992, LepIndex). Note Mellea (Gaede, 1922) is here treated as a good genus.

Generic description: The labial palps are three segmented. The eyes have interfacetal hairs. A proboscis is present. The fore tibiae have an epiphysis. The hind tarsi have a pair or single apical spines. The hind tibiae have two pairs of spurs. FW may have fusion of the R veins. The uncus is simple. A gnathos is present. The female bursa may be with or without a signum (Whalley (1971: 85).

This is a very large and varied genus with at least 30 species from SE Asia, half unnamed (RTS:136), Whalley, 1971a: 85). In fact it is a ‘ragbag of species’ in need of detailed study and revision.