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Bocchoris inspersalis Zeller, [1852]; PED 13

  • Taxonomy

    The female holotype of Botys inspersalis Zeller, 1852: 33 is from South Africa [South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal]]. It is in the Swedish Museum of Natural History (Genitalia Prep slide RM7152).

    Comb. n. to Aediodes Guenée 1854 (Lederer 1863: 191).

    Comb. n. to Bocchoris Moore: ([1886] 1884-7: 272) as the TS.

    Syn. Desmia afflictalis Guenée 1854: 190;

    syn. Aediodes bootanalis Walker [1866] 1865: 1298; TL Bhutan (Bootan) [sic];

    syn. Hymenia pusaensis Bhattacherjee, 1973: 47 figs 1a, b; TL India (Pusa) Ms syn n. (Shaffer 1985 Lepindex Card).

    syn. Bochoris quaternalis Lederer, 1963: 434, 483, Pl. 17, fig. 1. TL Amboina. TS of Aediodina Strand 1919: 133 a genus established by Strand for Aediodes Guenée sensu Lederer, 1863 (Fletcher & Nye 1984: 4). The syntype Bocchoris quaternalis Lederer, 1863 from Amboina, in the NHM, is in poor condition.

    syn. Desmia stellaris Butler, 1879: 73 pl. 108 fig 15; TL Japan (Yokohasma).

    We consider that Aediodina Strand should be regarded as a junior subjective syn of Bocchoris Moore: ([1886] 1884-7 ms stat. rev.

    Nec syn. Chabula Moore: ([1886] 1884-7: 317.

    Aediodes discrepans Butler, 1887: 117, TL Solomon Is. (= Aediodes dissimulalis Rothchild 1915: 128. TL Irian Jaya (Uttakwa River)) and Bocchoris ciliata Swinhoe, 1894: 206, TL India (Assam [Meghalaya]) are very similar.

  • Description

    Wing length: 8mm - 11mm. 'The dotted sable'. One of several white-spotted black Bocchoris spp. Only Bocchoris inspersalis Zeller 1852 has a white streak nr. the HW tornus along with several white spots on the FW.

    The black abdomen is ringed by white on the first, fifth and eighth segment. A long tuft of white scales project backwards from behind the eyes. The patagium is also white scaled dorsally with a white collar on the underside.

    Several specimens in the NHM series of Bochoris [Aediodina] quaternalis Lederer do not closely resemble the holotype and they may represent unnamed spp. of Bocchoris. See Li et al. who illustrate the male and female genitalia(Li et al. 2009) Pl. XV figs 207; Pl. LII, Fig 207; Pl. LXXXIX, Fig. 207.

  • Distribution & Habitat

    Africa (W,S & E), Seychelles, Reunion Is., Sri Lanka, India (Kerala, Bihar, Meghalaya), Bhutan, W. Malaysia, Sarawak, Sabah, Indonesia (Amboina, Sumatra, Irian Jaya), PNG, China (Henan), Taiwan, Japan. Lowland primary forest, cultivated and disturbed areas; <1067m.

  • Life History & Pest Status

    It is reported to feed on Arachis hypogaea (Fabaceae) [peanut or groundnut]

  • Similar spp.

    Aediodes [Bochoris] discrepans
    Bocchoris ciliata

  • Unrelated Look-alikes

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  • References

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  • Genitalia

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