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Scientific classification

Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Lepidoptera > Ditrysia > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Siculodinae > Rhodoneurini > Addaea

Genus Addaea  Walker, 1865 [1866]

Type Species: subtessellata, (Walker, [1866] 1865[1866] 1865): 1201, by monotypy  

Syn. Mesopempta Meyrick, 1886: 217; Syn. n. (Hampson, 1897: 632).  

Established in the Herminiinae but placed in the Thyrididae by Hampson ([1893] 1892[1893] 1892: 353). 

Generic description: The short palpae are upturned (porrect) and thickly scaled. The antennae are annulated and minutely ciliate. The hind tibiae are rather thickened. FW with Vein 5 [M2]. arising from the centre of the discocellulars, veins 8 & 9 stalked [R3+R4], vein 10 [R2] arises just before the posterior angle of the cell. Vein Sc fuses with Rs beyond the discal cell. Larvae with 5 pairs of prolegs (Hampson [1893] 1892[1893] 1892:353). A new generic description referring to genitalic characters is needed.

Addaea is a group of about 25 small pyralid like moths distributed fromIndia to Australia. They have relatively simple, mainly brown-banded patterning. Many species are difficult to determine by their wing pattern and are best determined by the genitalia.